Trusted Pole Building Services in Delaware & Maryland

At Eastern Shore, we go the extra mile to deliver smooth, seamless experiences that will leave you feeling as impressed with the journey as the final results. Our family-owned company is rooted in integrity, and we treat every project as a new opportunity to provide the space you desire—and the experience you deserve.

Your Local Experts, From Concept to Completion

Pole buildings, often referred to as post-frame buildings, are advantageous in a number of ways. They do not require a traditional concrete foundation, which reduces the overall cost of labor and materials. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity—pole buildings are incredibly versatile, structurally sound and stunning both inside and out. Based locally in Kent County, DE, Eastern Shore is your one-stop solution for pole building design and construction services. You can rely on our friendly and highly experienced team to help you enjoy the many benefits that custom-made pole buildings have to offer, including wide-open spaces, high vaulted ceilings, gorgeous aesthetics and much more. 

Pole Building Design

The final results are only as good as the initial vision. This is where our design experts come into play. We know everything there is to know about pole buildings, and we can work with you to develop a custom design that meets all of your needs and falls within your budget. With our in-depth knowledge of pole building designs and applications, we can point out cost-saving solutions or value-added amenities that will make you feel even better about your project.


We’re in the business of helping yours! Commercial pole buildings offer tremendous value without the premium price tag. Retail stores, warehouses, restaurants and manufacturing facilities are some of the many types of businesses that benefit from post-frame construction. We’ll take the time to understand your operations and your goals to ensure that every inch of space is designed and crafted with intention. Build smarter and reach the finish line faster with Eastern Shore.

Residential Commercial

Welcome home to a cozy retreat that offers abundant spacing, beautiful high ceilings and a warm rustic interior. Requiring less material, labor and maintenance than traditional homes, residential pole buildings are the definition of quality over quantity. Whether you wish to build an entirely new home or add to your existing home, we will bring every aspect of your vision to life. Residential pole buildings can be the framework for virtually anything including storage space, garages, woodworking shops, entertainment rooms, indoor swimming pools—the possibilities are endless!


Practicality meets beauty with an agricultural pole building. Whether you need storage space for your farming equipment or a custom-built equestrian facility, we understand the stylistic and construction choices that are ideal for every application. We’ll combine our expertise with your vision to design and build a space that not only serves its intended purpose, but looks fabulous and coordinates with your existing structures, too.

Every Picture Tells a Story

And at Eastern Shore, every story has a happy ending. Take a look through our gallery to see our past projects and find some inspiration for your own project.


Where Quality Comes to Shore

At the heart of Eastern Shore are family values, teamwork and honesty. We know that by entrusting us with your project, you’re counting on us to create something that will impact your life for many years—and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Generally speaking, pole building companies offer similar services and products. But what sets us apart isn’t what we do—it’s how we do it. As a smaller, family-owned and family-operated company, we bring the level of responsiveness, personalization and efficiency that streamline projects and prevent unnecessary setbacks. We understand that when we’re building something for you and your family, we’re building an experience, too. And you can count on us to provide the right one.